Range Operation & Safety Rules


- The first Member to arrive is deemed to be the Acting Range Officer. This may be handed over to another Member of JRSA at any time.

- A Range Officer as designated by these rules, shall enforce these Range Rules.

- A Range Officer who neglects or refuses to enforce these rules may be liable for a breach of these rules and a contravention of the by-laws.


- Do not go forward of the firing line.

- Shooting may commence.

- Guns may be cased/uncased ONLY while the range is ACTIVE (HOT). Firearms handling is done ONLY at the shooting benches downrange.


- Do not handle firearms.

- Guns left on benches or racks during cease fire must be P.R.O.V.E.’d safe and actions open.

- Rifles may be slung around the shoulder and carried forward of the firing line. Barrels must be pointing straight up or straight down. The rifle must at all times be carried in a safe condition. In order for the Range Officer to acknowledge that you are in safe mode, please step back from the firing line with the rifle in slung position and wait for GREEN.

- Handguns may be holstered in a side holster at the hip or on the leg and be carried forward of the firing line. Chest and shoulder holsters are not allowed unless given permission by the board. The handgun must remain at all times within the holster. In order for the Range Officer to acknowledge that you are in safe mode, please step back from the firing line with your handgun holstered and wait for GREEN.

- Safe to go forward of the firing line.

- Magazines may be charged during cease fire as long as firearms are not handled. DO NOT charge magazines at benches but instead move back against the wall.

- It is every shooter’s responsibility to know what is going on around them and to ensure all others on the line know as well. Always double check and confirm that EVERYONE is prepared for firing to commence or for a cease fire.

General Range Rules

- All members must swipe their key fob upon entry of JRSA property regardless of whether the gate is closed or open. This registers their entry in our computer database and thus activates insurance coverage. Please also swipe your card upon leaving each particular range thus noting in our system your exit – no hand-written signing is required.

- Guests will need to sign in on the sheets provided at range board as well as pay their $10.00 guest fee.

- All persons on the range MUST wear eye and hearing protection including spectators and non-shooting guests.

- Firearms shall be discharged on designated ranges only. Review the posted information at each shooting bay.

- All uncased firearms carried to and from the ranges shall be empty of ammunition and be carried with actions open. Uncased firearms may not be brought into the range sheds during a cease-fire.

- Anyone who notices an unsafe condition at any time shall call a cease-fire and immediately notify the Range Officer.

- Shooters shall stand back from the firing line after firing to indicate to the Range Officer that a cease-fire can be called to check targets.

- Every person shall help keep the property clean by putting garbage and refuse in garbage barrels. Leave the range cleaner than when you arrived.

- All shooters shall have a valid Membership Card at all times while on the ranges. Exception is made for those shooting in invitational matches, special events and member guests. Membership cards are not transferable.

- Only the Executive or the Board of Directors shall authorize special activities or events and range closures.

- When there is a special scheduled shooting event at a range, that range is closed for all other shooting activities until the scheduled event is over.

- All family members and guests less than 18 years old using the Club’s ranges, must be supervised by an adult.

- All casings/hulls must be cleaned up and disposed of properly. This includes .22’s.

- Vehicle parking is prohibited on the grounds except in designated areas. No parking shall obstruct the use of roads, gates or other parked vehicles.

- No vehicles are permitted on the ranges without the permission of the Range Officer and with prior approval by the Executive or Board of Directors.

- No ATVs or Snowmobiles permitted on JRSA property.

- Dogs, other than service dogs, are NOT permitted outside designated areas, leashed or not.

- Fires are not permitted outside designated areas.

- There shall be no firing before 8:00 a.m. without prior approval from the Executive or Board of Directors.


- Use of the property by any sub-club is pursuant to approval of the Executive or Board of Directors, and must be re-visited annually.

- No sub-club shall apply for the closure of shooting ranges for more than one calendar day per month.

- Range closure for sub-club activities is subject to approval by the Executive or Board of Directors.

- Sub-clubs must nominate a sub-club president responsible for reporting sub-club business to the Executive or Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting, or at the behest of the Executive or Board of Directors.

- Any projects undertaken by sub-clubs must be approved by the Executive or the Board.

- In order to maintain parity for all JRSA members, no sub-club shall comprise the majority membership of the Executive or Board of Directors.


- JRSA wooden target backers, provided at each range, are NOT to be shot with shotguns. Members must provide their own targets or backers for all shotgun shooting.

- No glass targets or targets containing glass are permitted.

- No alcohol containers of any kind are permitted to be used as targets nor are they allowed on club property.

- Staple guns are NOT to be used on any benches or firing line posts.

- No pressure vessels (eg. Propane Tanks) of any kind, whether full or empty, are to be used as targets.

- Shooting range markers, structures, barriers or protective side berms is prohibited.

- Targets are not to be placed on the top of side berms.

- Targets may be placed on the front face of the berms from ground level. Climbing on the berms is prohibited at any time.

- Paper targets shall be placed on the centre plywood area of target backboards. Support posts and stands are not to be targeted.

- Targets, target frames and bases must be returned to shooting bays/storage areas when done. Member supplied targets must be removed from club property when member leaves.

- Blue barrels and any other targets not mentioned are the property of sub-clubs and are not to be used without prior authorization.

- When placing steel targets, they must be at least 10 metres from the firing line when using hand guns and at least 50 metres from the firing line when using rifles. The only exception shall be for JRSA approved Sub Clubs who may have alternate distances as approved by the Executive or Board of Directors.

- All binary explosive targets that are now available in Canada under brand names like Tannerite or Shockwave, are prohibited without prior approval of the Executive or Board of Directors.


- Adult spectators and children are the responsibility of the JRSA member they came with and must remain under the JRSA member’s supervision and control at all times.

- All guests must pay the guest fee prior to entering the ranges. Each guest fee is good for one person on one day and expires at 10:00 p.m. of each day and are non-transferable.

- All guests, whether shooting or spectating, must wear eye and hearing protection at all times while on the ranges.

- It is important that the guest fee form is completely filled out in accordance with the instructions for the guest to qualify for liability insurance while on the range.

- The number of guests accompanying any member will be limited to no more than three (3) at any one time. A FAMILY membership is one membership and thus can also only bring up to three (3) guests.

- Failure to follow any of the rules will transfer all liability of the guests’ actions to the JRSA member.

Media Policy

- Communication by members for publication: The JRSA has a policy of maintaining anonymity in all its affairs.

- Any communication intended to appear in any commercial (for profit) media, including traditional news media (print, radio, television), online (websites) and social media (blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and other sites is permitted only with the prior approval of the Club’s Board of Directors.

- Publishing of personal non-commercial blogs, photos and/or videos by members on social media is permitted and encouraged, providing the member is acting in accordance with the Official Range Rules and acts in a manner that is in the best interest of the Club. Any member or guest of a member posting media not in accordance with the Official Range Rules will be subject to a disciplinary hearing.


- The Executive or the Board of Directors may alter and/or amend these rules at their discretion as necessary.

- Unless given previous approval from the Executive or the Board of Directors, under NO circumstances is a member permitted to utilize the range for commercial enterprise.

- No smoking is permitted while on any of the ranges. Smoking is only permitted in designated areas.

- Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on all ranges without prior authorization. Persons whose behavior exhibits the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any other form of impairment will not be permitted on any range.

- Range maintenance activities take precedence over shooting. When possible, notice will be given either by signage or by posting to the club’s calendar. Under no circumstances will a maintenance activity be delayed by any club member.

- Failure to follow any of these rules can become grounds for immediate suspension from the club with a possibility of expulsion. All such incidents will be ruled upon by the Board of Directors.

Range Hours

0800 till dusk, seven days a week, year round, including holidays.

General meeting

General Meeting: February 24, 2021 - 7:00 PM - Online due to weather. E-mailed link to members. Contact us if you need the link.

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